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5 Ways To Improve Your Grades in 2017

martes, 13 de marzo de 2018


What if we told you there is a super easy way, or rather five easy ways, to get better grades in English? Would you believe us? Well, you better do, because this Christmas Santa has come early bringing with him a bag full of his top tips to help you improve your grades in 2017. And wait for it... not only are they incredibly practical, but also scientifically proven!


Standing up makes you 10% smarter. In fact, scientific studies show that sitting down switches off the brain. Uh-oh... Standing up makes you feel more clear minded and switched on instantly. In fact, some top business executives at Microsoft are known to have standing desks and mini athletics tracks in their offices. Important calls and deals are made on the go. See, when you move, your blood flow increases and more oxygen is sent everywhere in the body and brain. More oxygen means more brain power. When studying at home, try standing up at regular intervals and pacing around the room. You will retain information faster, better and for longer!


The right hemisphere of the brain is in charge of creativity, imagination, intuition, holistic thinking, nonverbal communication, and feeling. The left hemisphere is in charge of tasks such as logic, analysis, maths, facts, thinking in words and language. Cross lateral movements make more of both hemispheres fire up, increasing and improving overall brain function. Basically, crisscross exercises make you even cleverer!

Here is a quick and easy crisscross exercise you can do anytime, anywhere: Grab your nose with your right hand. Then, bring your left hand across your face and grab hold of your right ear. Then, try to switch sides. So, grab your nose with your left hand and your left ear with your right hand. Switch again. Do this 10 times. This practice – which you might find challenging at the beginning – awakens your brain, shakes it up and gets it ready for top performance.


Your brain is at learning best when it’s on alpha brain waves. This occurs when your heartbeat is at rest.

Baroque music of between 55 -70 beats per minute gets your brain into alpha state and keeps it there. It produces a magical flow state that is perfect for learning and remembering information! Vivaldi, Bach, Handel… are Baroque composers and geniuses of their time.

Baroque music reduces stress, helps you learn in less time, improves concentration and memory, boosts creativity and grades, increases blood flow to the brain and makes you feel uplifted and “in the zone.”


Scientific fact: the brain processes visual information sixty thousand times (60,000) faster than text. The brain thinks in images and also in colour! Hence we advise you use colour when you study. Index cards, felt pens, and flashcards are great study tools at all levels, and you can buy these or make your own.

Believe it or not, an adult brain processes the same way as a child’s brain, so there is no need to switch to more “senior” or serious tools.


According to learning skills experts, if you say something out loud retention goes up four hundred percent (400%). So, when you study specially challenging topics, keep this in mind. Say it, hear it, write it, touch it, walk it… ignite all your senses! Sensory overload is a strategy used by top marketing and advertising companies all over the world to get into our heads and plant ideas in our minds. If it works for them...

We hope you find these tips useful!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year.