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miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2016


Name: Josu Iriarte (15)

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve, celebrated on the 24th of December, is one of the most important days in Christianity which is internationally known.
On this day, Christians honour the birth of Jesus by having large dinners and exchanging presents.
This day brings families together and coincides with other celebrations. For example, in the Basque Country, people celebrate “Olentzero”, a mythological character who comes to our homes to give us presents or pieces of coal if we haven't behaved appropriately during the year. 

the team

Name: Naiara Ortiz (13), Andrea Femia (16)

Christmas Day

Christmas day is the 25th of December and it's celebrated all around the world. However, it's not celebrated in the same way in all places because of different cultures and traditions.
For example, between the UK and Spain, there are some differences but also similarities. In Spain, “bars” and “Chinese shops” are open, unlike the UK, because in the UK all the shops are closed. One of the similarities between the UK and Spain is that on Christmas morning, everyone opens their presents and they all eat with their families. In the UK, they eat mince pies, roast potatoes, cranberry sauce and open Christmas crackers, whilst in Spain, they eat seafood, jamon and croquettas. In both countries they decorate the street and their houses.

Name: Endika Eiros (16)

Boxing Day, 26th of December
Boxing day originates from the ancient era. It consisted of people giving a basket full of food to their servants.
The 26th of December is also St Stephen's Day. This tradition is extended all over Europe. On this day, most shops are open. Football or baseball matches are also played on this day.

Name: Ana Castillo (14), Sofia Latas (15)

How do Spanish and British people celebrate the 31st of December?
In Spain, we celebrate the end of the year by having dinner with our families. Afterwards, we eat 12 grapes at midnight watching the clock on the television. We eat one per second. When we enter the new year, we either continue with our families or we go partying with our friends. People also set off fireworks.
In the UK, people join their families, and like in Spain, they have dinner together and set off fireworks. They don't have grapes but they watch Big Ben for the countdown to midnight. Then they go partying or they stay at home.

Name: Mikel Balzategui (16)

1st January - New Year´s Day
Here in the Basque Country, and in the U.K, the 1st of January is similar. Generally we eat with the family. In Spain and the UK, we eat a lot with the family and in the afternoon we might hangout with friends.

Name: Unai Gómez (16), Genis Fernandez (14)

What happens on the 6th of January?
“Los Reyes Magos” is the traditional name given to the men who went to visit Jesus of Nazareth after his birth. They came from foreign countries to pay tribute to the baby and give presents, such as gold. However, today they don´t give gold as presents, but toys instead. On this special day, everybody prepares a lot of food to eat with all the family.