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Jake and Paddy in the Morning

jueves, 19 de enero de 2017


 Jake y Paddy, nos muestran mediante un simple y divertido  vídeo, las diferentes acepciones que tiene una misma palabra en inglés y como nos puede llevar a confusión. Al igual que nos sucede en castellano con vino (bebida) y vino( del verbo venir) ellos juegan con la palabra TIE. 


Jake and Paddy in the morning
Good morning Paddy
Good morning Jake
What’s that you’ve got there?
This? Oh this is a tie. You don’t know what a tie is?
Oh, I know what a tie is but I’m asking because maybe our viewer class don’t know.
Sounds like an excuse Jake, I think you forgot the word tie.
Fine, tie. Do you know what a tie is?
A tie is a noun like house or watermelon.
And what do you do with a tie Jake?
Oh that’s a good question Paddy
You wear a tie
You wear a tie like I wear trousers or a shirt?
Very good Paddy, you’ve been listening carefully.
Is this right?
No Paddy, have you never worn a tie before?
Of course I have, of course I’ve worn a tie.
So, if you’ve worn a tie before you’d know that to wear it properly you have to tie it.
Jake what are you talking about?
First you say I have to wear a tie and now you’re saying that I have to tie the tie?
I don’t shirt my shirt
Ok good point
You saw before that a tie is a noun like house or watermelon but tie can also be a verb like read or understand
So the same way I tie my tie I also tie my shoelaces.
Jake, aren’t your shoelaces supposed to be on your shoes? And how did you get them off so fast?
Well, that’s all the time we have today.