tu academia de inglés Leioa

All teaching staff must be English Speakers who hold a University degree and/or a TEFL/CELTA or equivalent and/or who have more than 3 years relevant teaching experience.

Initial contracts include a 6 month trial period.

All new teaching staff have to go through St George teacher training successfully. First contracts will be of 9 months duration normally from October to June. July work is not guaranteed for all staff, only for those on full time, yearlong contracts, for other staff July work depends on the number of registrations. St George is an equal opportunities company.

St George offers a wide range of opportunities for career development. We provide internal and external training courses for ambitious teaching staff and are always open to petitions from staff for certain specific training required. Each year a number of our teachers complete the Cambridge oral examiner course and become official examiners. Our manager responsible for training is the contact for all associated enquiries.

We have a committee responsible for teacher development and team building and encourage staff to participate with said group. We are always willing to listen to suggestions from staff regarding possible further education and career development.


If you are interested in forming part of the St George team, send your CV to academy@bilbaoenglish.net